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Coaching and Mentoring. lake

Take back your power!

Want to discover "you on a good day" and live life to the full?

Learn how to nurture yourself and make this the most powerful time of your life.
The day includes

  • Moving forward into fun and freedom
  • Yoga, meditation, self nourishment
  • Awakening creativity and untapping your potential
  • Understanding women’s physical and mental changes
  • All in a nurturing and relaxing environment.

    Women can feel overwhelmed by physical and emotional symptoms as well as negative images in the media of older women. For some, children leaving home can be a difficult time, for others it is a time of excitement and freedom. Some struggle with weight gain that just won’t shift.
    This day will support you physically, emotionally and spiritually to help you be the best you can be. Working with a small group of like-minded women and guided by two expert facilitators, you will find your fun and discover how to create the life you want.

  • Coaching and Mentoring. TBYPday1

    "Thinking about my goals and dreams"

    "Having a space to relax and reflect"

    "I benefited from the whole day"

    My colleague Anne Hope will join us on the day. She is an expert in natural approaches to women’s health, using homeopathy, meditation, yoga and hypnotherapy. She enables people to grow and develop emotionally and spiritually. She is the author of 10 things about fertility that could change your life and Menopause: survive & thrive – an ultimate guide. annehopehomeopathy

    Where: Borringdon Hall, Plymouth PL7 4DP
    When: February 2018, 9.00am – 5.00pm
    Cost: £120
    Includes a fabulous breakfast to start with, a smoothie bar, a delicious two course lunch in the Spatisserie restaurant, afternoon tea and Borringdon's unique Gaia elixir to boost our energy.

    Click here to email me to book and find out more information.

    Coaching and Mentoring. sandy and me

    Quick Fix mentoring package

    Get your business moving with a structured six month action plan

    You may be starting your business or just need some new ideas to help you make the best use of your time. With this special package, two one-hour business mentoring sessions are arranged one month apart. The first gets you focussed on your business and products and defines your target markets. The second gives you a plan to take your business forward for the next six months. I was Highly Commended in the Teacher, Tutor or Mentor who most inspires others to learn category of the South Devon Skills Awards 2012. Click here to email me to find out how this special package could work for you and your business.

    "After just one hour of Alison's mentoring I came away with a lot of food for thought and some great ideas. She helped me focus on what benefits my business brings to others and to be more confident in marketing it. Everything she said made sense and I am feeling so much more open to the possibilities in growing my business."
    Olga Tomic,Olga's Rainbow Services

    "I had a number of sessions when I started my business to focus my mind and see the possibilities in the future. Alison put me at ease at once. She shared her expertise and experience giving me confidence. The next session built on the last exploring avenues that sparked my interest and were easily achieved. I would definitely recommend Alison as someone who inspires confidence, is organised and clear and always follows up on agreed targets. I have changed my website and target market because of her mentoring and am now very busy."
    Sarah Chapman, Celebration Ceremonies SouthWest

    "My business mentoring sessions with Alison have proved invaluable in helping me to achieve my business goals. Her coaching skills allow me to brainstorm my creative thoughts and then break them down, prioritise and then focus on what’s going to work best for me and the business. Alison’s “can-do” attitude and her interest in and knowledge of small businesses and her connections means that getting a business idea off the ground doesn’t seem quite so daunting! I always leave my mentoring sessions feeling very energised, positive and with a greater sense of belief in my business. As a direct result my business has moved forward with more focus, clarity and organisation."
    Jo Smallbones,Look Your Best

    Two one-hour mentoring sessions only £90

    You can also start by using my Effective Marketing technique Theaker's Rule of Three. These three questions will help you focus on ways to make your marketing more effective. Click here to watch the first video.

    Hour of Power

    Sometimes you are so close to an issue you cannot see the way forward. An hour of concentrated coaching can be enough to shift the blockage. This can be face to face, by Skype or phone.
    £60 For more information, Click here to email me

    “My Hour of Power sessions with Alison have proven to be an amazing way of cutting through the waffle and dealing with the nitty gritty in a short, sharp, effective burst. Clear, concise tackling of the main issues in front of me, in an hour, so I can get to actioning the outcomes of my meeting. Alison is great at directing my thoughts beyond the minutia which often sucks me in. She also throws in wonderful tips that make me think like the fabulous 80:20 rule. My new favourite thing! Thank you Alison" Victoria Rendle, Quay Physio

    I am also listed on the Life Coach Directory

    Coaching and Mentoring. walk the talk 1

    Walk the Talk

    Walking helps the brain work differently.

    Researchers at Stanford University recently found that walking improves your creativity by 60%. This study confirmed what I had experienced whilst completing the South West Coast Path. I also found it helpful to coach my daughter through her A levels, as walking is less confrontational than sitting in a room. If you would like time to consider options, get creative or move forward with difficult issues, Walk the Talk can provide you with guided thinking time. Using goal-oriented coaching techniques whilst enjoying the environment I can help you benefit from the best of both worlds.

    “Walk the Talk with Alison gave me the distance to think about my business objectively and arrive at attainable solutions to all my business needs, issues and problems. Alison’s open ended questions combined with the exercise enabled me to think more clearly, arriving at conclusions and a plan of action that would’ve taken hours in a conventional meeting environment.” Jo Smallbones, Look Your Best

    I use the GROW model (Goals, Reality, Options, Way Forward) and offer business coaching whilst walking the footpaths of South Devon. I am an NLP Coaching Practitioner and use a variety of methods gained from my own personal development work using The Artist's Way, Strengths Finder, Sue Stone and The Secret. Click on the video to see my talk about Roz and Ben Zanders' concept of Giving an A at Coaching Connect 2012.

    £55 per hour. Three sessions £150 (10% discount) or six sessions £265 (20% discount).
    Walk the Talk is also available to small groups of up to 4, for £35 per person per hour. Three and six hour packages at the same discount.
    To find out more Click here to email me

    Walk the Talk This Way
    Collaborating with Inga Page of Dartmoor Walks and Rides This Way Walk the Talk This Way is a unique experience to maximize the benefits of any corporate team building event. Instead of making the team endure the graveyard shift after lunch, or as a way of getting the creative juices flowing within the group, organise a guided walk with goal-orientated coaching techniques. Team members will benefit from thinking time whilst enjoying the environment, and return energized and ready to participate.
    Inga Page is qualified in Moorland Leadership and was the founder of the Earth Pilgrim courses at Schumacher College. Organisations can benefit from high quality coaching making use of the environment surrounding your hotel, knowing that the paths chosen will be safe and appropriate for maximum benefit.
    For more information, Click here to email me

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