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Menopause - from one healthy state to another healthy state

Want to discover "you on a good day" and live life to the full?

A self-administered, 6 hour video course to support you physically, emotionally and spiritually to be the best you can be. Learn how to find your fun and discover how to create the life you want. Make this the most powerful time of your life.
The course includes

  • Planning for menopause
  • Understanding women’s physical and mental changes
  • Don't suffer - how to alleviate symptoms
  • Awakening creativity and untapping your potential
  • Designing how you want your life to be in your third age.

    Women can feel overwhelmed by physical and emotional symptoms as well as negative images in the media of older women. For some, children leaving home can be a difficult time, for others it is a time of freedom. Some struggle with weight gain that just won’t shift.
    This is a self-completion video course. Guided by two expert facilitators, you will rediscover your life goals and face the future with excitement.
    Only £55
    Hosted on Udemy, the course is available by clicking Live Life For Me


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"Thinking about my goals and dreams"

"Having a space to relax and reflect"

"I benefited from the whole day"

My colleague Anne Hope is the other facilitator. She is an expert in natural approaches to women’s health, using homeopathy, meditation, yoga and hypnotherapy. She enables people to grow and develop emotionally and spiritually. She is the author of 10 things about fertility that could change your life and Menopause: survive & thrive – an ultimate guide. Anne Hope Homeopathy

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People Skills for New Managers

Moving from being a team player to a line manager is a big step. Or maybe you are a sole trader who needs to take on people and build your team? Either way, you need to learn new skills to succeed.
This course will help you discover your own personality type and preferred management style. Essential skills of communication and motivation will be outlined, together with coaching techniques to get the best from your team. Effective delegation and leadership qualities will also be covered.
You will leave with some tools to use to understand different team roles and have a self-development plan to improve your management skills.
By the end of the day you will

  • Know your own personality type
  • Understand the different management styles
  • Have improved your listening skills
  • Know basic coaching techniques
  • Be able to delegate effectively
  • Know how to be an effective leader

    How to book:
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Motivating Staff to Improve Performance

No matter how good you are, there's only so much that you can do on your own. Motivating your team will bring out the best in them, and ensure that they will go the extra mile. The key is to build on each person’s strengths and minimise their weaknesses. By understanding the various theories of motivation you will be able to adapt your style to suit the people who work for you.
With your staff working effectively, you can achieve more. Being able to delegate effectively will improve your own productivity and reduce your stress levels, as well as improving the performance of your staff.
If you are finding that you have too many tasks to do in your working day, whilst your team members seem to be underperforming, improving your motivating and delegating skills will help. This course is suitable both for new managers, and for experienced managers who would like a refresher in this area and some new ideas on how to improve team performance.
By the end of the day you will:

  • Understand different motivational theories and which ones may work for you
  • Know how to set effective goals for your team
  • Be able to assess whether tasks can be delegated
  • Know how to match the right person to the delegated task

    How to book:
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Assertiveness Skills

We have all encountered situations where we found it difficult to make ourselves heard or get our point across. We may get side tracked by another person, rather than being able to put our requests simply and clearly. Whilst in some situations we feel confident and relaxed, in others we can feel frustrated or angry. This may be down to the response style of the person we are trying to communicate with. By recognising the main response styles that we all use, we can take control of the conversation.

In this session you will discover some of the things that hold us back from being assertive and learn techniques for being heard when:

  • Asking your bank manager for a loan
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Giving clients advice

    You will learn
  • The different response styles we use every day
  • Why we are not more assertive
  • Some self-affirmation exercises to increase confidence
  • Techniques for getting your point across
  • The secrets of OOF and DESC – how to change longstanding situations where we feel we are not heard.

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Think your way out of it!

Using Action Learning to manage change
How would you like to cut your travel costs by 10%? Or improve your productivity by 30%? Or deal with change, engage staff, improve team building, and develop solutions to organisational issues, all by using one powerful technique using only 5% of your time? Action learning is used widely in the public and private sector - Cornwall County Council used it to devise ways to reduce their mileage by 10% and created a substantial saving. It is very quick and productive, with its emphasis on the non-expert expert, enabling people to access their own knowledge to come up with creative solutions. If your business involves people and you want to get the best from them, Action Learning could save you time and money as well as making your staff more effective and enthusiastic.

Action learning “sets” consist of between 5- 8 people who agree to meet on a regular basis. Issues dealt with could be a shared objective, such as how to manage cuts and redundancies, or individual work problems. Working within strict guidelines with a trained facilitator, the set gets to the heart of the problem quickly. The individual commits to actions they will take before the next meeting.
At the end of an introductory session you will:

  • Know the background to this effective technique
  • Have a clear idea of the Action Learning framework
  • Experienced active listening and open questioning
  • Have participated in an Action Learning “set”
  • Assessed how Action Learning could help your organisation save time and money

    I am an accredited Action Learning facilitator with the Institute of Leadership and Management.
    "Action learning with Alison represented a real turning point both personally and professionally. I am far more confident and feel more in control of my business and its success. Thank you so much, Alison." Lara Lewis, Lara Lewis Hypnotherapy

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How to do more with less - cost effective marketing

Do you find your marketing budget spiralling upwards and are not sure what’s working and what’s not? Is there never enough time to do all the marketing you think you should be doing? Whilst there are now many more channels to reach your customers, trying to use them all can leave you without much time to actually run your business. It’s more important than ever to know which of your marketing efforts are giving you value for money. This workshop will give you the opportunity to focus on what methods are the most cost effective specifically for your business.
You will discover the top three mistakes that businesses make that waste time and money and how to stop making them!.
By the end of the day you will have

  • Discovered the vital difference between your business and your product
  • Defined the characteristics of your prime target customers
  • Reviewed the marketing methods available and found which ones would work best for your business
  • Planned ways to monitor how your marketing is working

    You can get started by using my Effective Marketing techniques, Theaker's Rule of Three, which gives you three questions to focus on your business. Here is the first one!

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Moving Forward

Coping with change and creating positive outcomes

You may be dealing with major life changes and need some simple techniques to create the life you want. You may have heard of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and the Law of Attraction (LOA) but not know how to put them into action. By creating a positive mind set, you can become open to take advantage of opportunities that are available to you. NLP can also give you more confidence in dealing with situations where you want to take control. Some simple techniques and visualisations can be practised on an everyday basis to manifest the kind of life that you want. This workshop will help you use these powerful tools to make immediate improvements to your life.
By the end of the day you will have:

  • Explored what kind of life you want to create
  • Set out your most important life goals
  • Defined what you want in positive terms that will begin the LOA process
  • Built a vision board to continue the process after the course
  • Created your own Circle of Excellence to take with you to use whenever you need it
  • Made a commitment to take achievable first steps

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Targetted management training


  • Marketing Magic - find the most cost effective methods for your business
  • People Skills for new managers
  • Secrets of motivation
  • Assertive managers get better results
  • Board facilitation through action learning
    Training programmes can be designed to suit your business.
    £1700 per day,including half day preparation and briefing. Includes travel as far as Plymouth and Exeter.

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